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MaaVaR Clinic

Addictions treatment in Israel

Psychoergonomical rehabilitation. You are not eternal, do not waste time - help us to help you.

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Advantages of treatment in the MaaVaR Clinic

Our name "MaaVaR", in Hebrew means literally "Conversion". The name bears in itself the names of the founders of the clinic - a group of people who have an intention to share their rich experience in self-examination.

"MaaVaR Clinic" offers an entirely new approach to the rehabilitation process. It’s impossible using theoretical information only to fix in the mind of an addict person new reaction habits that he needs to be able to cope with the problem of addiction. It is necessary to create new stable habits of reaction, to form a new lifestyle,free of drugs and alcohol use,
There is a direct and determining link between the state of human consciousness and what happens in his life. "MaaVaR Clinic" offers a new look for studying and getting out of any kind of addictions and ways to reach the desired goals. It is possible to change old ideas about the habitual way of life.

The clinic "MaaVaR" offers schemes and opportunities to improve their personal skills, which allow clients to plunge into the world of learning themselves without any doubt.

Individual approach to each client allows achieving the highest possible result. In addition, it affects successfully in all spheres of life and leads a person to success.

The clinic employs a professional team with many years of experience. We have multidisciplinary staff, which allows both a group and individual approach.
Experienced specialists, a doctor psychiatrist and narcologist, social worker, instructor will support you at all stages of rehabilitation, (physical, psychological, emotional). Our clinic is located 24 hours a day under the supervision of professionals.

MaaVaR Clinic objectives - to provide you with the opportunity to expand the boundaries of the habitual way of life.

The clinic’s task is to provide the client with conditions for creating a new, quality lifestyle without using chemical-psychoactive substances.

Addiction is a degradation.
Relief from addiction is your evolution.

Advantages of treatment in Israel

Due to many reasons, customers prefer to pass diagnostics and treatment abroad. And this is not a surprise, because the indisputable advantages of treatment abroad, in particular in Israel, are:

1. The level and quality of medical services make treatment in Israel very popular around the world.
2. Israel is a recognized leader in medical technology.
3. Israeli doctors have deep fundamental knowledge and the highest professionalism (by the way, in this country there are more doctors per capita, including in the field of narcology).
4. Examination and treatment in Israeli clinics are in the highest level of medical services.
5. The affordable cost of the treatment and diagnostic process.

Advantages of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Israel

In Israel, there are many competent, experienced specialists; Israeli clinics have a unique experience and innovative programs for the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from various kinds of addictions.

Staying in medical institutions of Israel guarantees comfort for clients, living conditions in them are comparable with the conditions in good hotels.Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in Israel involves the subsequent accompaniment of the client through communication through the Internet.

Drug addiction treatment in Israel

The rehabilitation centers in Israel are widely known for their effective programs. The treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in Israel gets special attention. Today, clinics and rehabilitation centers are actively developing here.

It has been proven that group psychotherapy can best combat the problem of drug addiction. Psychodrama and art therapy are the most widely used methods.

If you are interested in the treatment of drug addiction in "MaaVaR Clinic", but you would like to receive additional information on any questions, please contact us using the form on the site. It is worth noting that the cost of addiction treatment in Israeli rehabilitation centers is much lower than in other countries. And the absence of a language barrier in our clinic - serves as an additional factor recommending to choose "MaaVaR Clinic".

And besides, Israel is the place that in itself brings you recovery. You can go to holy places, get acquainted with this magical country, and make sure that there are things in life, much more interesting and attractive than alcohol and drugs.
The program that is used in our clinic "MaaVaR" is one of the most effective programs, which has been verified during many years of work and has no analogues, and allows to achieve a positive result.

Experts of "MaaVaR Clinic" are ready to provide professional services for families of an addict who is on rehabilitation in our center.

The Center for Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment in Israel, “MaaVaR Clinic”, guarantees full discretion.

Center for Rehabilitation and Relief from Addictions in Israel, "MaaVaR Clinic" – CHOICE IS IN YOUR HANDS!

People who are addicted to medical drugs – we have a solution for you!

Medical drug addiction is one of a number of narcological diseases. This addiction develops as a result of taking medicines. The cessation of consumption of such a drugs causes the most severe discomfort and physical and mental health disorders.

Further and already constant use of the drug becomes a consequence of the formed addiction.

Stopping the taking of these medications leads the person to the consequences that can be as deplorable as because of taking illegal drugs. The difference is that clients taking medication are more likely to realize their disease and are ready to fight it.

But, if the client does not want to stop taking medication that caused addiction, he thereby contributes to the formation of a stable addiction that takes the character of drug addiction.

World statistics - the appointment of medicines for prolonged use, is the cause of chemical addiction.
The research shows that in the last two years, 34% of patients seeking for help in medicines were confronted with the fact that drug treatment subsequently caused chemical addiction.

The principle of treatment of dependence on medical drugs is similar to the rehabilitation of drug addiction. It is supposed to completely abandon the drugs that caused addiction, and of course, passing a full course of rehabilitation. "MaaVaR Clinic" has such experience and specializes in work with this addiction.
The MaaVaR Clinic works in close cooperation with leading Israeli clinics, which carry out a huge number of successful surgeries, outpatient examinations, medical procedures, diagnostic examinations (MRI, CT, mammography), and cardiac catheterization procedures. The developed technologies of medicine in the interests of preserving human health have become an integral part of the national idea of the State of Israel - the care of human health.