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Addictions treatment in Israel

Methods of Treatment

12 Steps

The 12 Steps program can be called one of the most effective programs created for recovery from any kind of addictions. The essence of this unique program is to recognize the obvious fact: the person himself is not able to cope with his disease - addiction. Therefore, he needs help to recover - you need radical changes. And these changes are acquired in the process of passing the 12 Steps program.

An important condition of the program is the need to believe that everything will be fine, and as often as possible to say to yourself: "I will do everything I am able to." A lot depends on the faith of a person and his desire, therefore it is not surprising that after passing the 12 Steps program many people rethink life and its values.

How does the 12 Steps program work?

1. Awareness.
Initially, it is necessary to admit that there is no control over one's addiction. Not everyone can realize this, but it is this stage that is the basis for the beginning of a new way of life.

2. Faith.
At this stage, it is necessary to make sure that the disease is a addiction, it is insanity, destruction, it is necessary to get rid of it - to seek help.

3. Management.
At this stage, you must learn to command your will and desire. There is no point in waiting. It is necessary to act.

4. Analysis.
You need to learn how to analyze your world. Personal inventory will lead to reasons of

5. Recognition.
Self-analysis and a real assessment of one's personality lead to liberation.

6. Transformation.
It is necessary to be ready for correction, to realize one's shortcomings in character. The expansion of a person's consciousness moves him to a transformation.

7. Changes.
It is necessary to understand that you need help and you need to seek help in order to recover and become stronger. It's time to change your habits and become another person who looks at the world with a completely new look.

8. Cleansing.
This is exactly the stage of awareness of your involvement in the damage done to the surrounding world, where nothing should be left without attention.

9. Atonement.
Cardinal changes are the moment of active actions. Compensation for damage - the release of personal potential. Release from prison of your own mind.

10. Self-control.
Recognize and correct your mistakes. The emergence of self-control, self-control and self-control. Every act is analyzed and carefully considered.

11. Development.
Development of creative potential, expansion of borders of opportunities and abilities. The spiritual world is much wider than one can imagine.

12. Help.
Spiritual awakening.

Group therapy

About group therapy and group dynamics can be said for a long time, it is almost inexhaustible and very interesting topic. These are groups in which participants have therapeutic relationships with the leaders. The therapeutic group can be viewed as a collection of individuals, where each participant is a unique person and has unique goals and objectives.
Such people will talk about what is usually accepted to be silent. On such groups, people open their cards to better know themselves, in the process of interacting with others. Within the group, they see the usual difficulties in the relationship and, at the same time, a new opportunity and a chance to resolve it.

The task of the therapist working with the group is to support the processes of therapy and preserve the necessary boundaries of the group. The force that makes changes on the personal level is the group itself, not its leader. This is a very important point.
Group therapy differs from individual therapy in more effective conditions. Just to talk in front of group you need a lot of courage. Everything, as in life: a certain competition, the ability to give in or insist, to make your right choice and much more. The group always sees more widely than one person. Therapeutic changes in the group occur through the difficult interaction of various components of a person's life experience, which can be considered as therapeutic factors.

Art practice and Art therapy

This subsection is designed to help comprehend the art - therapeutic experience from the point of view of contemporary art practice.
Art therapy is a part of culture, it develops in close interaction with modern art, social relations. All this influences the creative self - expression of participants in art therapy sessions.
Sometimes a person experiences difficulties in expressing feelings. The right words do not come to mind or in my head a constant "running line". A person is not able to formulate his experiences, he can not find a positive outlet for his emotions, he worries about something. And then art therapy comes to the rescue. A person may even not know what is called the action in which he does an unconscious step, he takes a brush, oil, canvas ...... and after a few hours in his head comes order, restless thoughts recede into the background and amazing harmony spreads throughout the body. What is it? This can be called a therapy of creativity or art therapy.


Dramatherapy is a new direction in art therapy. It uses such a widespread technique, like playing a story.
In addition, it must be remembered that Dramatherapy is always a game that is a kind of activity focused on the process and pleasure in this process. The strength and depth of the impact of Dramatherapy is related to the ability to recall and experience new life events in a new way, to look at them with different eyes. "Life is a game, a theater."

Metaphorical associative cards (MAC), as one of the methods of Art therapy

MAC cards as a tool in solving life problems and getting answers to questions. Interaction with the MAC allows you to look at the situation deeper and wider than it is seen and felt.
Usually every person tries to solve all his problems by the usual way with the help of his mind. But it is logical thinking that often drives a person into a corner. Logic blocks the emotional background, and while working with this tool, the output of emotions releases additional energy, and the solution to the problem suddenly arises by itself.
There is a new level of information and new opportunities.

Fairy tale therapy

Fairy tale therapy is the development of creative abilities, the expansion of consciousness, helping the integration of the individual and improving interaction with the surrounding world. Tale therapy is the direction of practical psychology. The main instrument is a fairytale metaphor. A person projects unconscious experiences, anxieties and problems, cognizes himself, gets rid of undesirable and destructive manifestations. Fairy tale therapy is conducted in various ways: discussing your favorite fairy tale; writing his own tale with further discussion; staging or playing fairy tales with real people as actors or with dolls

Gaming Psychotherapy

Gaming psychotherapy is a method of psychotherapy with the use of games. The essence of the method is that the therapist enters into such contact with the client, who is perceived as a personal friendly contact.
This is a method of working with clients to help them to eliminate factors that interfere with effective life. Depending on the symptoms and difficulties, specific methods are used.
A person discouraged by life and overwhelmed by his inability to achieve goals can be anxious. The therapeutic goal is to help a person in eliminating a sense of anxiety, learning to work with stress and its consequences.
In addition, it is an effective aid in recognizing your potential, in using this potential.
The program that is used in our clinic "MaaVaR" is one of the most effective programs, which has been verified during many years of work and has no analogues, and allows to achieve a positive result.

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