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MaaVaR Clinic

Addictions treatment in Israel

Patients Reviews

Alex, 13.03.2017

I arrived to the MaaVaR clinic at the age of 35, and I can say that this was a miracle for me. I have experience of rehabilitation in several places, for different periods of time, the longest one and a half years. Personally for me, this place is not associated with the usual detox center or hospital. The first feeling, and it stayed until now, is a warm house in which I feel safe where I trust the instructors, where there is no strict separation between patients and instructors, where they will always listen and understand you, help you, will support you. I am very grateful to the place, to the 12 Steps program, instructors and people who are here.
I gradually begin to believe in myself and that I am able to live without drugs after my fifteen years of addiction. Thank you.

Andrew, 13.12.2016

Many thanks to the MaaVaR clinic . Thanks to Misha, Ramiz, and Victor for creating such a wonderful place for us, for all addicts who decided to get rid of the disease and start a new life. Thank you for your attitude and great desire to help me to get rid of addiction, learn to fight the disease - to understand myself and my life. Thank you and the program for opening my eyes, who and what I am. For the first time in my life I thought about it.
Thanks to you I found faith in God, began to really believe in the Higher Power and in it’s help, care and love. There is some kind of self - confidence, fears disappear, and of course, there is a desire to find a constant knowledge of myself.
Thank you for everything! God bless your clinic, and now our home! I wish as many addicts as possible to find a new life here. Amen.

Vadim, 15.02.2017

I want to express my gratitude to the MaaVaR clinic, and to the whole team. To tell the truth, I did not expect that the result of my rehabilitation could be just this and I'm very grateful to you. Also, I am grateful for being reunited with my family, which I almost lost when I was in use. I did not even think that I had a chance to start living a full life. Happiness is what I feel myself today. Today I know my goals and objectives, although in the recent past I did not even think about it. Today I am clearly following this path, and of course, I am grateful for this to God, who brought me to your clinic. Many thanks to all.

Vika, 21.06.2017

It's just a gift from God - a second chance for a new life. After undergoing treatment in this clinic, I not only got rid of chemical addiction, but also learned to live and enjoy life. I became self-confident and fell in love with myself. I never thought and did not believe that I can enjoy life without chemicals. But here I am alive, happy, and this is just the beginning of a new clean life.
I cannot find words how much I'm grateful to the MaaVaR clinic, and to the personnel who are just saving lives. It's not just doctors or instructors, for me it became a new family, a second home. I say many thanks from the heart to the clinic and people who care, who put health and happiness of their customers first, and also continue to accompany afterwards. Thank you so much.

Victoria, 19. 09. 2017

I thank the clinic MaaVaR and its employees for saving my life. For the work done with me on returning to a real world and in general for a return to a full life. I lost hope many years ago that I can live differently, without drugs. I did not believe anyone and nothing. I went to the MaaVaR clinic for rehabilitation, not on my own, I was brought by parents. Every day I thank my parents and everyone from the clinic for a helping hand when I was no longer strong enough to live or die from drugs as many of my friends died. Today I am a happy person with a desire to live and plans for the future. Thank you for the opportunity to start a new life! I want to wish all employees of the center to continue this noble and very important business-to save people! Success, prosperity and peace to your Home. Again, from myself and my family, a huge gratitude for all that you have done for me! Amen.

Evgeny, 15.04.2017

I am grateful to the MaaVaR clinic, I am grateful to the instructors and doctors, I am grateful to the recovery program, I am grateful to the Higher Power, for a new clean day, for returning to the family, for new opportunities, for new relationships, for continuing my studies. I came completely lost, did not know how to enjoy life and live normally. Today everything is different with me, everything is new, everything is getting better, and I myself participate in this process. And for this I am grateful to all those people who have devoted time and attention in building my new life in the MaaVaR clinic. Thank you so much.

Igor, 26.07.2017

Many thanks to the staff of the MaaVaR clinic, for participating in my life, for the time devoted to my problems and me. Here I realized that there is a reason why I constantly broke down, again and again returned to use drugs. Now I understand how senseless it is to live in self-deception, telling myself stories that "tomorrow I will finish with it," "here are a few more days and I will find the strength to say no to drugs". In order to become clean, to find your place in life, you need to take a step forward, to admit that there is a huge problem that needs to be solved somehow. Thank you that there is such a place like this - where people can get help, experience, support and real opportunities. I am grateful to you for everything.